Borosilicate Glass

Brief Introduction of XG GLASS



Great heat resistance performance, stable chemical property

High light transmission

Various thicknesses for you to choose

Wide optical application



Borosilicate 3.3serves as a material of true function and wide applications:

Household electrical appliance(panel for oven and fireplace, microwave tray etc.)

Environmental engineering and chemical engineering(lining layer of repellence, autoclave of chemical reaction and safety spectacles)

Lighting(spotlight and protective glass for jumbo power of floodlight)

Power regeneration by solar energy(solar cell base plate)

Fine instruments(optical filter)

Semi-conductor technology(LCD disc, display glass)

Medical technology and biological engineering

Safety protection(bullet proof glass)


Technical Data

Dimensions(mm):                    1150×850   1150×1700

                                   (other size could be produced upon the request)

Thickness(mm):                      2—20

Density(g/cm3)(at25C):             2.23±0.02

Expansion coefficient(α)(200-300C): 3.3±01×10-6

Softening point C):                   820±10

Identical temperature difference(K):     100      >300(strengthening type)

Thermal shock resistance(K):           ≥125

Maximum working temperature(C):   ≥450

Refractive(nd):                       1.47384

Light transmission:                    92(thickness≤4mm)  91%(thickness≥5mm)

Processing:                          cutting, edge processing, drilling, coating,

toughening treatment, printing etc.


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