Tempered Glass

Brief Introduction of XG GLASS

Tempered Glass is A type of safety glass, which created with controlled chemical or thermal treatments to increase its strength when compared to annealed or “normal” glass.


Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than ordinary annealed glass ,which makes it desirable in transportation, architectural and a variety of other applications. In addition, its balanced internal stresses enable the glass, when broken, to crumble into small, harmless “chunks” instead of splintering into sharp, jagged shards.


It is manufactured by heating up the float glass to a high temperature, about  600 degrees Celsius and then cooled rapidly, or “quenched,” with concentrated air currents, manipulating temperature and pressure (at times greater than 10,000 psi) to achieve the desired properties. The cooling differential created between the surface and central layers of the glass creates surface compression and internal stresses which under the enhanced strength.



Architecture( Glass door , Glass window etc), Furniture ,Automobile,Train.etc.

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